Chester is one of the world’s great historic cities…

The story of a city lies not just within its buildings, walls and monuments but also within the stories left behind by countless people who have called this place home over the last 2,000 years.

There are stories in everything, begging to be discovered

We have gathered many of these stories together to share with you in ways you’d least expect.

From witches’ cats to half eaten rats, a flying latrine and a dance machine; Chester: A Life Story is a unique multi-sensory experience like no other, set within the beautiful medieval church of St Michael’s.

Come and visit Chester: A Life Story

Prepare to be amazed, be entertained, entranced. Expect the unexpected!



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We are really excited to be bringing a cutting-edge new attraction to Chester that will push the boundaries of engaging people with the past. It will combine some incredible digital technology with historical archives and artefacts to present the story of Chester in a whole new light.

Dean Paton : Big Heritage

And so, the story begins!

Watch the video, then find out more about the stars of the stunt here >

Credit: Canteen Creative Productions, Chester.