Tell us what you love about your life!

At Chester: A Life Story we’re on a mission to find out what our visitors love about their own lives.

We’re doing this by asking everyone that comes to visit to fill out a love heart and attach it to our fence, in much the way people put love locks on bridges. We know that people have enjoyed doing this in Chester on the Queen’s Park Suspension Bridge, but the metal from all the love locks was eroding the historic fabric of the bridge so the leaving of locks has now been discouraged. So now people can come and leave their mark at Life Story, without damaging any historic fabric at all! And we’re going to keep all our hearts as a unique archive for the city.

In a few weeks we are going to write up all the comments from the hundreds of hearts we’ve already been left, to put together a Word Cloud to see what our visitors love most. So far, visitors have told us they love lots of different things including their families, their pets, football and even Gordon Ramsey!

So why not come along for a visit and make your mark in Chester: A Life Story, and become a part of Chester’s history.

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Life Story Supporters

Grateful thanks go to our amazing supporters who helped make Chester: A Life Story become a reality, and continue to support us today.