The true account of Brave St George & the Frightful Dragon

23rd April 2019, 3pm

A short and untidy romp through the St George legend in rhyming couplets for peasants and their grubby families.

On St Georges’ day Chester City Centre will be celebrating with a fire-breathing dragon and a pageant around the town featuring schools from across the city.

Here at Life Story, we’ll be continuing the fun after the pageant with Russell Kirk, the man behind the celebrations (and artist and story-teller extraordinaire), as Russell gives us The true account of Brave St George & the Frightful Dragon

“All you good folk of Chester Town
Come close and listen well
I have a tale of blood and gore
And bravery to tell

Of shiny Knights with pointy swords
Of damsels fair and sweet
Of Kings of old with lots of gold
And very smelly feet

Of dragons hot and very cross
eating maidens by the score
Come close come close lend me your ears
And let me tell you more”

To be part of the fun, come and visit us at Chester: A Life Story. Your admission ticket will include Russell’s story-telling, which will begin at 3.00pm.

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